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Posted Nov 27, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles
When I got invited to a friend of a friend’s birthday party last Friday, I must admit I was a little skeptical to go. The club, which is one of my favorites, has a mixed crowd and house music on Fridays, not to mention I already had other plans. Needless to say, what harm would it do for the three of us to stop by and give our best…and also have a free drink or two at the birthday girl’s table? When we got there, all I could do was laugh. This place was completely different from how I was used to seeing it on its urban Wednesday nights. As I was talking to the manager (a good friend of mine), I noticed the back room was occupied by niggas… several of them in fact. This back room is only open when the club is packed and in need of the extra space and the additional bar. From the main area, you can notice the room has a one-way mirror situation that’s a little fucked up because you can sort of see inside. When I noticed MEN inside, I immediately got curious. The techno music and brown-town (term used for the Indian) crowd weren’t really my scene. Anywayyyy… after my initial interest, I asked the manager who exactly was back there. I saw plenty men and heard hip hop… what was goin on back there?! Well, to my surprise, he goes inside and comes right back out and tells me “You’re good, but your friends aren’t”. Excuse me? It’s like THAT though?! Well, now I have to go in there, even for a second, and see who exactly is behind that window hand-selecting females….

Lo and behold…#5 himself. Hello again, Donovan. The second I walked into the room I went right for the bar. Lemme take a couple of shots and grab a drink before I begin to attempt to socialize in here. Well….5 minutes, 4 shots, and 2 chugged drinks later, I was right where I needed to be…mentally, that is. At that point I began to think…. WOW. These niggas are in the mutha fucking cut. No one would ever know they were here. No one in the club knew they were back there, and even if they saw or heard something, they never would have known WHO was back there. Not only that, but it was funny that I knew a few of the guys in there (about 10-12 guys and maybe 7-8 females were in there), yet only ONE person spoke to me. Donovan didn’t even have anything to say once I got in there. Like really? You can’t even say hello. Not only have I met you several times, but you are a client of ours and come to our parties. As I began talking to one of the bouncers in there, it came to me…. This whole thing is so SHALLOW. Secretive little society partying together and selecting people from behind glass to join. What the fuck is that about?! Not only selecting people from behind glass, but only choosing “pretty” people, regardless of if they have people with them….plain RUDE.

The bouncer proceeded to give me a lecture/speech that I have heard before…. He told me that I should “be happy I am pretty”. I should be grateful that I am able to do things in life and be apart of things that most people aren’t invited to. Not for nothing, but getting “selected” to party with football players isn’t exactly “high society”. Especially when you are getting selected because you are a pretty piece of ass they are tryna fuck. I’m not amused. I told him that as “fortunate” as this is, I don’t need or want any of them. I walked right into that room and went to the bar and bought my own drinks, with my own hard-earned money, without even thinking about it. I agreed with him that being pretty (and smart and cool, duh) is definitely a benefit when you really need to rely on it, but at the end of the day, I’m not leaving my friends out in the cold to be able to party with these lame-o niggas.

I think it really hit me at this point. This is life. Plain and simple. A constant battle between the beautiful and the ugly and the have and have-nots. It’s crazy. I guess there’s no point to try and change it, or even try to figure it all out; gotta just accept it and roll with it. Suppose I should shut up and love it, but it’s still kind of depressing for those who aren’t as lucky. Thanks for the party opp though Donovan, I appreciate it.

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