You Really Don’t Have To Deal With It…

Posted May 21, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles

Over the years I have realized that if you don’t like something or someone, then you don’t have to deal with it or them. My mother has always been nothing but blunt with me and not only is that where I get it from but that’s what I love about her! She’s always told me that you just need to do you and you don’t need to give anyone any reasoning. Don’t ever be sorry for doing something that doesn’t sit well with others if it is what works best for you. Your gut feeling about people is usually the best indicator! And no matter what, don’t forget that ITS OK to not like someone. You don’t have to like everyone, just simply be cordial and that’s all. Regardless of any history with someone, one good deed can change your feelings, and vice versa….you can have a long history of good things with someone that one slip up can fuck it up forever. Such is life. There’s nothing you can do but move on, wish them well, and keep it positive. Don’t ever feel obligated to anyone or anything but yourself, until someone or something proves that wrong.

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