Women Look For Men With Money… For Different Reasons Than You’d Think…

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Today I was talking to one of my male friends about the women he attracts and he was trying to convince me that women are only attracted to him for the “perks” that come along with being his main squeeze. Of all the perks associated with him, money seemed to be the biggie. Now, lemme just say that this friend of mine should have no problem attracting women regardless of his income… not only is he attractive, humorous, and always the life of the party, but as a recently retired athlete, he has the flexibility to travel and see new places on his own time, and that life ain’t too shabby.

The fact of the matter is women should be considering a man’s finances in her overall evaluation of him as a potential partner. While I don’t think a man should have to provide a bank statement and proof of a 401K before the first date, I do believe that the way a man handles his finances can tell a woman a lot about him. How does he spend his money? Does he spend more than he earns? How much credit card debt is he in? Is he current on his monthly bills? Does he have money saved away for the proverbial “rainy day”?

Men: what you must keep in mind is that as women get older, the pressure to buckle down and look for “the one” begins increasing exponentially every year they celebrate another birthday single. Now, I can rattle off a list of characteristics I want my future partner to possess, and best believe I include financial stability in the top 5. Although women want that fairy tale romance, in today’s day, financial security is just as important, especially when it comes to one of life’s biggest business deals… marriage. Finances play a crucial role in the viability of a marriage and the sad reality is that personal finance issues are one of the leading causes of divorce.

If you think about it, what woman wants a man with no financial plan in place? I know I don’t; I need a man with a plan for the future, and whether it’s short-term or long-term, the answer will determine the course of the relationship because I sure as hell won’t be that woman financing my man’s life. I think a lot of you men associate a woman wanting a financially secure man with her being a gold-digger. While I can understand your concerns, you have to remember that there is a difference between a financially sufficient woman demanding the same from her partner and a woman who has no steady flow of income yet feels entitled to those expensive things she cannot afford. If a woman places a high importance on your finances because of her own materialistic wants then that’s a problem, but her wanting you to be financially savvy shouldn’t be a red flag.

The key is to have your money, not overly flaunt your money. Half these men out here show out on a regular basis then wonder why they have random “cousins” and bitches coming out the woodwork. Of course you should enjoy having a certain level of wealth, but the way you choose to exhibit that wealth will dictate the type of women you attract. Bein’ flashy and tryna stunt on bitches 24/7 shouldn’t be your hobby, and if it is you better be prepared for women to start assuming you got it like that and are willing to finance their next handbag/Louboutin combo. On the flipside, you should feel good about spending money (in addition to time) on your boo… every man should want to keep his woman laced and feeling lovely… I promise she will return the gesture in more ways than one.

Anyway. The moral of the story is finances are important to consider before getting seriously involved with someone.  Look at the ways your potential mate handles their financial situation and pay attention to how those habits translate into other areas of their lives and reflect them as a whole… Don’t let sensationalized romanticism be your sole guide in choosing your life partner.


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