Why the Jumpoff May Have It Better Than Wifey…

Posted Jul 28, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles
I saw this article today…. I think it’s interesting… and also proves to me that most men aren’t faithful and you might as well stay single and play the “jumpoff” role (I hate that word….maybe “other woman” is a bit better):

Why the Jumpoff May Have It Better Than Wifey by T.S Johnson

It seems like when it comes to famous men, their ladies and their jumpoffs – everyone acts like the jump offs are the problem. Somehow if he is your man then you’re the winner in the, “I Got Me a Baller,” sweepstakes. The reality of the situation is quite different however. As far as I’m concerned, in the ongoing battle between The Wifey and The Jumpoff – the jump off is the winner, and here’s why:

1. I Have His Heart. Really? So what does having his heart mean exactly? He likes you a lot? He loves you? We know it doesn’t mean sexual fidelity. Does it mean he’ll be there for wifey if she’s sick? She’ll be there for him if he’s sick? What? Does it mean that it’s special when wifey gives him “head”? ’Cause let’s be real…she’s giving him head too. And here’s the thing…what makes wifey think he doesn’t like/love the jumpoff?

2. He Takes Care of Me. Okay…but to quote T.I. – It ain’t tricking if you got it. And anyone whose read any of Karrine Steffan’s books knows that ballers don’t mind dropping major cash on the other woman. So it doesn’t seem like wifey is getting a leg up on the jumpoff in this category either. Yes, if you’re married there are legal protections there (just look at what divorce is costing Tiger Woods)…but it doesn’t stop the jumpoff from getting broke off. And if she’s smart, any big ticket item she gets will be in her name. Legally the wife wouldn’t be able to touch said gifts if they ended up in divorce or upon his death. So you have Louis and she’s has Louis – seems like a draw to me. And if you’re just the girlfriend and not the wife…well…ask the Basketball Wives how well that’s worked out for them.

3. I”m the Mother of His Children. Ask Kim, P. Diddy’s ex, how well that’s worked out for her. Diddy’s jumpoff in Atlanta has his baby too and is getting fat checks as well. Nuff said.

4. Quality Time. So the wifey gets quality time? She goes on vacations and other expensive trips. Sure, but so does the jumpoff. Going back to the Jumpoff Bible…Steffans went on many an expensive trip and stayed in many an expensive hotel on somebody else’s man’s dime. My homeboy used to do marketing and PR for some of Miami’s top clubs and when D. Wade and Hoopz were dating he used to see them out and about….his wife was at home…pregnant…with his other son. And let’s not forget when T.I. was on the Mo’nique show Hoopz was sitting in the front row of the audience. Where was Tiny?

So I ask again: How is wifey the winner in all of this? The other woman is doing quite well. She’s getting money that could be spent on wifey and her kids. She’s getting time that could be spent with wifey and her kids. She’s getting sex wifey could be getting. And more often than not, the jumpoff doesn’t have to deal with him when he’s tired, sick, injured or what not. She gets all the good times while wifey gets everything else. So really, what does wifey have that the jumpoff doesn’t have?

His heart?



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