Why Men Date Women With No Intentions Of A Relationship.

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I came across this article and it made me laugh out loud. I usually find articles like this particularly amusing because I can relate more to this type of male perspective than I do to the female point of view on these matters. In this instance, I can say that I have been in one of these “pseudo-relationships” before but the man I was involved in it with struggled with broken-heart syndrome from the cheating bitch of an ex-girlfriend he was dating before I came into the picture. Sucks for every other female in his future, cause she def. ruined him for good.

Anyway, the author of this article discusses some of his reasons for remaining in a pseudo-relationship with a female and they are as follows:

1)      Peer pressure from friends forcing him to get involved again/move on from a breakup to which he was involved in an unhealthy relationship that left him bitter

2)      Sense of security- “Home Base” chick—He felt better about taking risks and stepping out of his comfort zone to find women out of his league because if he fails, he will always have homegirl to fall back on.

3)      She is nice but not who he pictured as his girlfriend—She just doesn’t have “IT”

4)      She never put pressure on him to wife her and she never showed any real signs of craziness or concern of his whereabouts because she did not want to come off like a looney tune; this ended up being sort of a turn-off for him

With all of these things being said, the author of this article states that he decided to just be friends with the female in question. I personally think that the female he was with tried too hard to NOT turn him off, that she actually ended up doing it (Lesson learned: be yourself—-even if your ass is crazy). For me, I think it comes down to the “IT” factor—not everyone has it and without it, there is really no point to take things to the next level. Of course, just because you don’t have that “IT” doesn’t mean you aren’t a great person or even someone’s type, it simply means the spark is absent and that spark is what ignites into a serious relationship.

I encourage everyone to analyze their situations and make sure they are not wasting time in a relationship to which nothing will cultivate. Although you may feel comfortable with someone (without a certain level of commitment or title), that doesn’t mean they won’t pick up and leave once they find a better option, especially if they never planned on being involved with you for the long term in the first place. Learn to play the game people, learn to play the game.

Bitchie Life: Why Men Date Women With No Intentions Of A Relationship

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