Top Lies Men & Women Tell The Opposite Sex

Posted May 1, 2012 by Freshhh in All Articles

Let’s face it… we all lie. Whether it be in attempt to save face with someone you care about or to someone you just want to get off your case, you can probably think of at least one instance within the last day or two in which you lied to someone of the opposite sex. I came across an article today that featured the top ten lies men tell women and vice versa. I didn’t find the list particularly too surprising however I figured I would post it anyway. Check it out below, followed by my personal selection…


  1. “I’ve Slept With [X] Guys”
  2. “That Was Great”
  3. “I Have Never Nor Would I Ever Cheat On You”
  4. “I Weigh [X]”
  5. “Sure You Can Call Me”
  6. “I’ll Be Ready In A minute”
  7. “I Don’t Know”
  8. “That Was Delicious”
  9. “I’m Fine”
  10. “It Was OnSale”


  1. “I Don’t Have A Girlfriend/Wife”
  2. “I’m Not Drunk”
  3. “I’m Not Looking For A Relationship Right Now”
  4. “I Don’t Want To Talk About It”
  5. “I’m Not Interested In You Just For The Sex”
  6. “I Always Wear A Condom”
  7. “I’m Leaving Her For You”
  8. “I’ll Call You”
  9. “I’ Don’t Think She’s That Pretty”
  10. “I Don’t Watch Porn”

#keepitahundred Most people lie when they say…. “I haven’t fucked [X], we are just friends” and most women lie when they say “I have a boyfriend” or “I don’t mind that you’re still friends with your ex” and ALL men lie when they say “I won’t judge you differently if we have sex on the first date”

Y’all some lyin’ sons a bitches!

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