Too Much Emotional Legwork?

Posted Sep 27, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles
I think we can all agree that a good morning text from that special someone is THEE best thing to wake up to, and sometimes a great start is all you need to make your entire day go smoothly. However, waking up to nothing or perhaps not hearing from them by early to mid-afternoon is more than enough to piss you off and wonder where the fuck they are, let alone ruin your day.

Now, whereas I know it is common knowledge that, in relationships, men tend to be less vocal about their feelings than women are, I think there has to be a reasonable effort made to ensure your girl feels love and affection on a daily basis. Men wanna be so pressed and overly text-chatty when they are pursuing you or trying to git the panties, but once they get you where they want you, they get lax in everything. I will be the first one to say that I am not an attention-seeking, selfish person, but hell if I don’t wanna feel like I’m being thought about or missed from time to time…ESPECIALLY when I take some time throughout my day to be sending little messages to you to ensure you’re alright and doing well.


Ok..let me slow down for a second. Does he like me? Yea, he does…a lot in fact AND I know it. So what’s my issue? Well here’s the thing. I know he may be pre-occupied with his own life (who isn’t?!), but there are quite a few other men fighting to be where he’s at right now…fighting so hard for my attention DAILY, whether it be in the simplest text message or a quick phone call to check up on me. And while this formerly unwanted attention isn’t currently enough to make me want to throw the towel in with boo, it may eventually begin to test my desires to not stray in hopes of finding someone a little bit more vocal in their feelings. I’m not trying to be picky or say I want a man with no back-bone who is mushy all of the time, but if we are dating, checking in on me should be something you effortlessly want to do, not something I should have to rely on the other men in my life to do for you.

Obviously, I am going to stop being a drama queen at this point, but it should be noted for those of you, both male and female, who are reading this: KEEPING YOUR PARTNER HAPPY IS SIMPLE! It’s all about the little things. Letting them know you are thinking of them, going out of your way to do something you know will lighten their load, or simply pointing out a small detail about them that they didn’t think you’d notice…those are things you need to be thinking about all of the time because the second you stop, there will be someone else who will pick up the slack and it will make all the difference in your boo’s life. And once you lose them to something like that, no gift or apology will matter…they will simply move on to that person who shows them the affection and attention they needed all along.

A good morning text takes two seconds…. And you’d probably take twice as long tweeting good morning to thousands of followers who couldn’t give a shit less about you…think about it…

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