They Call You Terrycloth, That Means You Very Soft…

Posted Sep 14, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles
Maaaaaaaaaan, I knew it. I swear most of these dudes out here are soft as shit (not to mention equally as soft as females can be).  Don’t get me wrong…as comforting as this is, it makes me so mad. Why would you try to be so tough and make “fuck bitches, git money” your mantra but at the end of the day you just wanna snuggle up with shawty and rub noses?! Like, just keep it a hundred!

Now, the reason I say this is because I recently experienced this with this guy I know. So, within the past couple of months, apparently this chick (whom I know and personally like a lot—gorgeous, sweet person) semi-played him for a football player. Now mind you, considering the football player she played him for, I’m not impressed, but that’s beside the point. After this had happened and he seemed pretty heart-broken; you could really tell he was trying to wife her HARD, and she just felt like taking her talents elsewhere. ANYWAY, now he is on some “man, fuck her. I’m good” shit….so of course whenever I see her, I text him like “just saw your wife” and he always plays STUPID like “what?! Who?!”…like, nigga, C’mon! So… I find it funny (as I do with most things) that as I was peeping my twitter timeline last night, I saw her tweet something about watching Love & Basketball (coincidently, one of my favorite movies—like it is every one else’s) and how she LOVED this movie, blah blah blah …look at this nigga on the “double or nothing?” reply tweet… what a MUSH and he tweeted one of her friends the previous day on some “bring my future wife, we need to make up”.

Now, I am not the twitter police (and don’t even take the shit that seriously), and perhaps he was talking about someone else to the friend (ehhhh, I don’t think so) but this little shit made me think. So how you gonna pretend to write this chick off then be a gump the next minute?! Just admit it, you still got ya heart in it and THAT’S OK!! I hate when people try to be hard and uncaring (although, guilty of it myself from time to time…) about the things that really mean the most to them. I don’t care that you got played and may still like her (as your friend, I’m going to always support it), so why don’t you pretend to have feelings for two seconds and admit to it? In fact, most ladies PREFER a man who isn’t trying to hide the soft side; we are always looking for those kinds of guys.

*shrug* *sigh* Oh well, I guess there really wasn’t a point to this other than the fact that it did make me chuckle/ shake my head, I always seem to catch little hints and sub tweets, and I love me a soft nigga.

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