These Refs Are F$%#&* Awful

Posted Sep 26, 2012 by Will in For Men

The title says it all.  I’m sure most of you have even uttered those words in the last 6 hours.  It has gotten to a point where fans, former players, current players and even most analysts are insulted by how these games are being officiated.  I for one feel as if the NFL is slapping us all in the face, trying to nonchalantly tell the world that the play that happened on Monday night, happened by the book.  What is the NFL trying to prove?  That the fans will watch anything NFL no matter the quality?  Are they adding a WWE element into games to create parody? Either way you look at it, it appears we are stuck with them for now.  It’s quite sad though that the NFL, just to save a little bit of money, is willing to sacrifice players safety and player salaries.  Fans have seen the effects directly and it has caused an enormous ripple effect throughout football.

Some of you will ask, “how do these refs affect fans?  We don’t play football and it’s just a game.”  Au contraire, The effects of these refs goes far beyond what you see on TV.  Take the new beloved American past time of Fantasy Football.  Now, anyone playing Fantasy football understands that games can be won or lost on mere fractions of a point.  With some of these leagues having winner pots as big as $12,000, a missed call here or there and you can understand that thousands of dollars may change hands on a clear-cut mistake!  For example, Russell Wilson finished Monday nights game going 10-21 130 yards and 2 TD’s, which is a much better look than if he was charged the correct call, which was an interception.  If they had given the interception to the Packers than Wilson’s stats are 9-21 (Well below 50%) 106 yards (Very Tebow-Esque) 1 Td and 1 INT which cancel each other out.

In Vegas the spread on the game was Green Bay -3, which means that Green Bay was favored to win by at least a FG.  Up until that last play, Green Bay was up by 5, and it seemed an easy cover.  Well once again, due to the incorrect call, the Seahawks won.  How big of an impact was that call? It was reported by ESPN’s Darren Rovell that over $1 Billion dollars changed hands with that call.

Regarding player salaries and safety, it’s something a lot of people overlook.  For example, lets say M.D. Jennings has an interception based contract.  If he ends up with one less interception than his contract requires, he does not get his bonus.  Taking money out of players pockets is wrong.  Especially when the evidence is so clear that ANYONE could blatantly make that call.  You also have refs who are not familiar with chop blocks, which could seriously injure a player.

So, NFL, please bring the real referees back.  It’s soiling the brand.


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