The Real Reason Why Men Get Married…?

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At this stage of our lives, it is commonplace to witness a lot of people we know getting married. It seems like every time I log onto Facebook someone I know from high school or college is engaged, recently married, or about to become a parent. While I myself recognize that I am not at that point in my life, I also recognize that half these people marrying really ain’t ready either, but are feeling almost obligated because the clock is ticking and aren’t we supposed  to be married by now? Ehhhhh.

It’s definitely true that women are usually the ones trying to fill their man’s head with thoughts of marriage… even when they know their man isn’t even close to being ready for that step…and even if they are at a point in their lives when they might be open to marriage, their current girlfriend just might not be “the one”. What’s funny is the man’s opinion of this. Why do men get married? Is love really the reason? Is it the security of having the comfortability of the same woman around (of course, one that cooks, cleans, and sexes him when he is in need)? Well, one of my favorite authors and bloggers, Carl A. Roberts does it again with this next post. Carl asked 8 men (7 of which are married and 1 who is engaged) why  they got married… the responses did not surprise me one bit. Let this be a reality check to some of you women who are trying to guilt your man into marrying you ASAP… it’s not always a matter of if he’s ready or not… he just might not want to get married, so don’t force him… you def. don’t wanna be the better half to a man who shares similar thoughts to the ones Carl spoke with. Check out the blog post below:

So…where do I start? I guess anywhere would be fine at this point.  So I’ll  start off by saying that this blog is True to life (like the rest of my blog) but is based on a conversation I had with 8 Guys. 7 of them Married and the 8th set to be in 2013. I simply asked them this: Why did you get Married? And although I wasn’t shocked or moved by their answers (cus I’m a Man and I know why Most Men get Married) I was more so moved by the answer that was not said….”Because I love her!” Wait, let me take that back.  Woman, all of the Men..well most of them  said they loved their wives at some point during the conversation,  but their initial response went a little something like this…..
Me: So, quick question, quick answer…Why did you get married?

Guy#1: Because I was getting tired of hearing her mouth

Guy#2: Her family was on me, plus she was pregnant and they didn’t know

#3: It was just that time. I’ve been with her for over 10 years

#4: She’s a good Girl and perfect Mother to my 2 boys

#5: Man, I don’t know why I married her. Marriage is not for Me!

6: I didn’t want someone else to take her from me

Guy #7 had no real answer. He just kept saying “I don’t know man. I just did”. And guy #8 had the look of death on his face being that he was set to be married in 2013. I then asked the Men if Love played a part in their decision to marry their Women and it was like the male ego trip started to flourish. No one wanted to answer 1st but as soon as one of them said yeah, he loves his girl/wife, they all jumped up like “Yeah Yeah, hell Yeah, I love my wife. She’s the best wife a Man could ever have” Right!!! I mean I don’t doubt that but if that were true, why not say it faster than the next man??? Speak up guys…Speak Up? Lol (in my head of course.) I Didn’t want them run back into their rat…I mean Man hole!

So although this is just a very. small survey on Men and why they get/got Married, Ladies Maybe you should ask your man….Why did you get Married…to me, or want to marry me.  Before you are 10 years in and you man is saying “Damn, Why did I get Married”
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Good Men Do Cheat
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