The Only Cheating I Do Is On Tests….

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I came across two separate articles the other day; one gave the top reasons men cheat, and the other detailed reasons why women follow suite. As always, I sympathize with the male side of this argument, and I personally found the female reasons for cheating to be ridiculously soft. If you think about it, women don’t cheat as much as men, and when they do, it is definitely for different reasons. However, it can be said that women tend to wait til the breaking point before they decide they want to go ahead and cheat; I guess they try to be loyal to the last possible moment…too bad this delayed reaction usually comes ages after their man has already decided he was going to step-out and do his own thang.

Here are the alleged top 7 reasons women cheat:

1.                  There’s no passion

2.                  To delay a break-up

3.                  Because absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder

4.                  To avoid being left out in the cold

5.                  To make a break from a bad relationship

6.                  To find that missing piece

7.                  To give him a taste of his own medicine

Ok. Ummmm Ill give numbers 1 & 7 a pass. But for real ladies, if 2-6 apply to you, break up with this fool because these are shitty reasons to cheat, and you shouldn’t be in that relationship to begin with. In fact, if 1 & 7 apply, you should have been broken up with homie a long time ago. I can honestly only think of one situation where I’d consider cheating: If I was with a man who was good to me—hubby material, but sexually not on point. The cheating would be strictly physical, and I probably wouldn’t even be able to do that for too long. It’s a fact (in my book) that if there’s no heat in the sheets, the relationship will not work—regardless of the fact that he treats you like a Queen. You won’t ever be happy…EVER. If you cheat to “find the missing piece” then you’re already missing more than that. Women are unequivocally more emotional than men… strictly physical cheating is rare (because it’s so difficult for women to not have feelings with the man they are cheating with), emotional cheating is usually the goal.

Now here are the top 8 reasons men supposedly cheat:

1.                  For payback

2.                  The chemistry isn’t there

3.                  Spending  almost no time as a couple (long distance/ traveling occupation)

4.                  Wanting to play the field vs. settling down

5.                  There’s too much drama in the current relationship

6.                  Emotional and/or lifestyle incompatibility

7.                  To provide a sorely needed shot of self-esteem

8.                  To pursue the one that got away

Well. Men cheat for more physicality, and since I personally bat for this team as well, I can agree with these reasons a bit more. I, for one, do not agree with #1; there should be no cheating for payback. We are too old for that shit. #2, 3, & 5 are more than reasonableà stressful situations (whether a man loves his girl or not) will cause him to release that tension elsewhere…IN someone else. If 4 & 6 apply to you, than you need not be in this relationship, and if your girlfriend can’t help you with that self-esteem (#7), she’s useless. You can believe that if my man needs some confidence, I’ll be the first one to lay it on him and let him know his dick game on lock and he has no cause to worry. I think #8 is silly only because usually the one that got away got away for a reason. You’ll probably be mad if you cheat (let alone cheat and get caught) over an old romance that’s probably some present day sub-par sexual encounter; trust me on this one.

Lesson learned? Women have no business cheating and frankly, they’re bad at it. These reasons are whack and if you’re feeling the urge, stop being weak and afraid to be lonely, and break it off. Get your satisfaction (mentally, emotionally, physically) elsewhere, the fool you’re with ain’t worth the emotional strain. Men—- your reasons are more valid… and usually it’s because your woman be trippin and/or really isn’t up to your standards/ what you’re looking for; stop dealing with bullshit just so you can have someone there to spoil you….dump that bitch and do you.

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