The Morality of Lance Armstrong

Posted Oct 17, 2012 by Will in All Articles

There is a life long question people ask, “Would you kill an innocent baby, if you knew he would grow up to be Hitler?”  I don’t know the answer to this question personally and thank goodness it’s not to that magnitude with Lance Armstrong.  For those who are unfamiliar, Lance Armstrong has been America’s golden boy for the last 15 years.  He overcame cancer and went on to win 7 Tour De France Cycling championships and has raised more than $300 Million dollars in Cancer research as a result.  Recently, a plethora of evidence has come to light that Armstrong was part of a doping ring, in which he provided PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) to his teammates as well as tipped each other off to drug tests.  This brings us to the ultimate question.  How do you view a man who did so much to fight a disease that cripples the lives of families across the world when he did so through cheating?

Cancer cheated my grandmother from seeing any of her grandchildren graduate.  Cancer cheated my brother’s best friend from a long fun-filled life.  Cancer has taken mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.  No race or religion is spared.  Cancer doesn’t care about fair.  It strikes those who live healthy and those who live unhealthy.  It takes our loved ones as well as our enemies.  Sometimes it ignores medicine, many times it is untreatable.  Cancer obviously doesn’t care about fair.  It doesn’t care if you are the richest person on earth or a homeless person.  What does it say about a man willing to put his reputation, honor and legacy on the line to benefit others in such a way?  What does it say about his selflessness?  Lance Armstrong will always be a hero in my eyes.  His selfless acts far overshadow the fact that he did so illegally.  His situation is no different from a person a person who beats a child molester to death or steals bread from a store to feed their family.  I understand these things are wrong but, being someone who thinks in terms of the greater good, I can condone the risks taken to do what one feels is morally right.

Should Lance Armstrong be stripped of his trophies, medals and achievements? Of course he should.  Should his name be taken off his building at the Nike facility? Indeed!  One thing no one will ever be able to take from Lance though; the joyous feeling he gets from from the lives he touched.  God Bless you Lance.  Thank you for everything!

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