The Inevitable Truth That Is….Black Twitter…

Posted Dec 12, 2012 by Will in #KeepItAHundred

Being a black person in America has been tough.  Not as tough as it was in the past but still we see the daily struggle with my people of color.  We fight to kill stereotypes, we fight to stop non blacks from using the word “nigga.”  We are even quick point out how racist or ignorant someone is toward people of color.  With all the advancements young black people have made in this world, why do we continue to let the dregs of our culture in social media bring us down?

I give to you, Black Twitter.  What is Black Twitter you ask?  It is the level of twitter dominated by the ignorant black people in our society.  Most of who don’t hold a valid opinion of anything worth talking about.  Now, I don’t put everyone into this category of “Black Twitter,” merely the self-centered, poor parenting, uncultured simpletons that indeed plague our world.

Being a black man, I must confess.  Black Twitter has given me a negative impression of black women.  I know this is not true.  I know plenty of respectful, classy black women who do indeed hold themselves in the highest regard and, while this may not completely deter me from dating a black woman, the things I see on Twitter and Instagram surely remind me of why I decide to date outside of my race.  How many pictures can you take of yourself daily before it becomes egotistical?  How many times are you going to bash your relationship online?  How many times are you going to take pictures of you smoking weed?  What seems like harmless fun in the eyes of the poster are more than what they think.  Social Media has ideally become a window into the soul.  A window into a person’s mind, beliefs, morals and character.  People tweet exactly what is on their mind, which leaves no mystery to a person they are trying to date.  Why should I go on a date with you when half your Instagram pictures are of you posing in front of a mirror wearing a  towel?  As a woman, why should you date me when all you see on my twitter is that im chilling with my friends and smoking weed?  Funny part about it all is, people get together and say they never saw it coming.  You never saw it coming? Did you read that persons tweets?

It’s not just women either.  Brothers, we are selling ourselves short.  Tweeting pictures of weed and chipotle like its suppose to entice the opposite sex to be engaged with us.  When was the last time someone instagrammed a book they were reading or a painting they just saw that inspired them.  Women constantly berate about how men have nothing to talk about on a date, well if you look at brother’s Instagram, 90% are sneakers and the other 10% are random images or tweegrams.

Overall, what I’m trying to say is we have to do better as a culture if we want to be taken seriously.  Read a book, watch something that’s no reality TV, engage in conversation.  Relationships that start like that always last longer than ones based on social media.  In the grand aspect of things, we are all much better than we portray on social media.  Lets take our egos out of our lives and shape ourselves into a person that others want to talk about.

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