The 7 ComMANdments

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1.  Thou Shall Order a Refined Drink—  Fellas, ladies are very astute creatures and while you think ordering that Long Island or some other fruity sweet concoction will “get you right,” more than likely it’s a sign of your maturity.  Long Islands and such drinks tell the ladies that, I am more focused on getting wasted and making a mockery of myself rather than enjoying a drink with friends.

2. Thou Shall Be an Individual— Let me just say, nothing says “Ain’t Shit” to a female then a bunch of males dressed alike in the same area.  Why would you want to blend in with the group anyway? So if you guys get separated you can find them easier?  If a fight breaks out, you’ll know who’s on your team?  Fellas, it’s time to stop dressing like a gang of boys and be an individual.  Everyone knows you guys are friends.

3. Friends are Thine Own–Fellas, I cannot stress enough, stop worrying about your “team” or your “crew” but keep a solid group of friends that you can enjoy life with.  If you can’t be yourself around your friends then who can you be yourself around?  In conjunction with ComMANdment 2, your friends should compliment you, NOT BE EXACTLY LIKE YOU.  If your buddy is the loud party animal, let him be the loud party animal.  Compliment his style by being the laid back guy.  Women notice contrast and if they can’t decipher the difference between you and your  buddies then they will group you as one and use the group representation to make their decision.

4. Honesty Can Go A Long Way— Guys, if you are feeling a girl and your friend comes up and asks what’s going on between y’all.  Tell the truth!  It’s times when we act too cool and say stuff like, “nah man, I just fuck her,” or ” Man, you already know I just keep  her around.”  That’s how it begins.  Then your friend goes and hollas at her and she thinks everything is cool with y’all, until your friend tells her what you said.  Now you’ve created a mess for yourself and unnecessary stress.  So if you feeling a chick, say that, and if you’re not don’t be mad if she fucks someone else.  ESPECIALLY someone who got YOUR permission to do so.

5. Thou Shall Diversify Your Music-–  I have heard time after time from ladies who become turned off when they play a rock song or something non-rap and the guy goes, “what’s that?” but they say it in an insulting manner, almost to demean the fact that they are listening to something other than the “norm.”  Let me just say, there is a huge world of music beyond rap, hip hop and RnB.  Most of the songs I love and claim as my favorites are rock n roll songs.  Trust me fellas, ladies love diversity.

6. Thou Shall Be Yourself–I stress this one the most because oft times this is the reason most hook ups fail.  Men, we need to be consistent.  I look more towards those who use social networks to portray themselves as someone else or someone they’ve always wanted to be.  What you have to learn is, someone is always hip to your past, and it then becomes that persons main objective to expose you.  Happens every time.  Whether it be a female or a close friend, How you really act will be brought to light.  So be yourself.  Save youself the trouble of having to explain why the car you instagrammed isn’t the one you’re driving.

7. Thou Shall Not Sice the Unworthy— We see this a lot.  Guys commenting on girls pictures using terrible adjectives such as: gorgeous and stunning etc…Fellas these words are words that should be saved for your wife or girlfriend.  Using these words to describe, what are often times girls in skimpy outfits posing seductively.  Simply like the photo or say nothing at all and admire amongst you and your friends.  This makes you look thirsty and when women see thirst, they see a dog rather than a man.  A Dog who runs up and humps every new person that comes into the room.  Not only that but you also lose respect amongst your fellow men.  Don’t believe me? Ask a lady.  They constantly say the guy who comments the most is the biggest creeper.

I hope these comMANdments help the fellas out and make them the man they want to be.  Otherwise take what you will from this or don’t, it’s really up to you.  Peace and Love.

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