That’s Hardly Some Constructive Criticism..

Posted Apr 20, 2010 by Freshhh in Dating

I was having a WONDERFUL day yesterday until I received a phone call that I thought would be pleasant…and wasn’t. I met this guy a couple of months ago, and because his job keeps him traveling a lot, we keep in contact as much as we can. I enjoy the fact that he is a man that likes to speak on the phone and not just text back and forth. However, he called me yesterday COMPLAINING on something he saw on my facebook page. First off, I have not taken facebook seriously since I got out of school. Any updates made to it are strictly for promotional purposes for parties my friends are throwing, etc. He proceeded to tell me that I am “always doing too much” and had no business telling people where I was going to be over the weekend because I was obviously trying to ”attract all these dudes” and then he told me “THATS WHY YOU’RE NOT MY GIRLFRIEND”.

HOLD THE F*CK UP. Don’t ever criticize the things that I do, not knowing why I do them/the full story, then have the NERVE to gas yourself up and think I was trying to be your girl in the first place. The reason you don’t have a girlfriend is because you wouldn’t even let me get two words out before arguing selfishly and “not wanting to hear it”. I couldn’t even explain what the promotions were for, and instead of LISTENING, he was a BABY about it and I ended up politely telling him I was going to hang up because I was not trying to bicker over something SO stupid. After I hung up he sent me a text that read “Lose my number!”. Of course, I did not respond…..and OF COURSE he called back an hour later (a call I missed and did not return). Nah, booboo. Ill lose ya number. Consider yourself deleted. NEXT.

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