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Stop Requested: Rachet Bus Rider Gets The Business

What the hell has this world come to? Every rachet moment seems to be captured by a smartphone video camera these days, and this instance is no different. Today I woke up to this video in my inbox. Apparently this rachet ass bu...


Episode 7: BET Hip Hop Awards Debrief, The Glorious ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature, Cocaine F*ck-ups, and MUCH more!

Today Will & DJ O’s Cool were back in the building, and we laughed our way through another hour of Keep It A Hundred Radio. Topics included a debrief of the BET Hip Hop Awards, Rick Ross shimmy included, as well as ot...


[VIDEO] Kid Fury Keeps It A Hundred On The Chrianna Coochie Threesome

  If you ever need a gut-busting laugh, you need  to check out the YouTube page of Kid Fury, arguably one of my favorite bloggers. This time, as usual, Fury makes us laugh with his farewell to the Chris-Rihanna-Karreuche...


The Conversation: Zoe Saldana, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Fonda, Sarah Silverman

The last thing I watched on Lifetime Network was probably late night Golden Girls re-runs. However, while bored with my other program choices last night, I decided to watch this show entitled “7 Days of Sex”…this show is...


Women Are The Pussy Police

LMFAO, as always, at my boy Jerry Lavigne Jr. …. he does it again with another hilarious video, check it out below: Visit his YouTube page for a million more laughs, he sure knows how to #keepitahundred!!


“Don’t Lie, You’ve Fucked Her.”

I got the most outrageous call from my boy today….


I Wish My Husband WOULD.

It seems to be the season for scandals. First the hoopla surrounding Sandusky and my beloved Joe Pa at Penn State and now this; Syracuse Associate Head Men’s Basketball Coach Bernie Fine accused of molesting three young b...


Basketball Players Seek Alternative Activities During The Lockout

Good Morning America did its “Play of the Day” on what some of the basketball players are doing to pass the time during the lockout. Chris Paul on Family Feud, Kevin Durant playing flag football, and Nick Young &...


David Correy

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting David Correy. He is not only HELLA fucking cool, but he has an incredible voice; I never thought that voice would come out of him. He is awesome, and I support the #UrbanRock movement 100...

MY World.

“My World” | Iggy Azalea I’m addicted to this chick already!! Download the Mixtape, it DEF goes!