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…But You’re Engaged Now? Oh Ok.

I repeat. Men KILL me. Sooooo…  a hearty congrats goes out to the newly engaged (although, I think he and her have been engaged on previous occasions…but I digress…) couple consisting of one cheating ass boyfriend and hi...



#ThoughtsDuringTerribleSex let me tell this nigga I came so he can get the fuck up off me – @MadeOvSugar, Retweeted to my timeline by @SydneyJaneey


Women Are The Pussy Police

LMFAO, as always, at my boy Jerry Lavigne Jr. …. he does it again with another hilarious video, check it out below: Visit his YouTube page for a million more laughs, he sure knows how to #keepitahundred!!


This Hoe.

SNL Skit of Kim Kardashian’s Divorce— Pure Hilarity!!


Manolo Blownik.

If I were going to ever smuggle drugs…this is how I would do it…obviously: Drug Smugglin’ Bastards!



“Bottles on them…as long as we drinkin” It’s official—I started my 24th year even better than I ended my 23rd. The birthday trip to Vegas was a complete success. It’s incredible how small the world is and how no mat...


How You Want It?

For every man who has ever asked a female to send them a pic… for every female that sucks her teeth at the request.


Please GO!

HILARIOUS— For all you bitches who are RIDICULOUS and for the men who can’t stand you, please watch!!  


They Call You Terrycloth, That Means You Very Soft…

Maaaaaaaaaan, I knew it. I swear most of these dudes out here are soft as shit (not to mention equally as soft as females can be).  Don’t get me wrong…as comforting as this is, it makes me so mad. Why would you try to be s...



After this evening, I am convinced that my ex-flame has the mental capacity of a peanut. When he approached me today about letting him crash at my place before an early flight in the AM, I admit, I was skeptical. We had only be...