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GUEST BLOG | Everyone’s Engaged. Everyone But You!

The one year anniversary of my third serious relationship is coming up, and I tend to do some reflection when milestones occur. To name a few firsts: he’s 10 years older, I love his family, I moved in with him (big deal for m...

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Stop Requested: Rachet Bus Rider Gets The Business

What the hell has this world come to? Every rachet moment seems to be captured by a smartphone video camera these days, and this instance is no different. Today I woke up to this video in my inbox. Apparently this rachet ass bu...


“…She Think We A Couple Though.”

  Told Her I Love That P*ssy… She Think We A Couple Though Well, it wouldn’t be a brand new day if we didn’t have a baby mama drama episode via tweetgram. This time it’s MMG rapper Meek Mill. Over t...

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…But You’re Engaged Now? Oh Ok. (Part 2)

  Before reading this, read this… Ok. So some of you may remember (and if you don’t, ya should of just read the link above) my friend who was talking to this guy when all of a sudden he got engaged… in a matter of da...


8 Reasons Why Women Put Up With A Man’s Bullshit

Whether I am analyzing the relationships my friends and I have with men or those I see on tv and in the movies, I have come to the conclusion that women put up with a lot of shit from men. In fact, too much shit from men.  Ran...


…But You’re Engaged Now? Oh Ok.

I repeat. Men KILL me. Sooooo…  a hearty congrats goes out to the newly engaged (although, I think he and her have been engaged on previous occasions…but I digress…) couple consisting of one cheating ass boyfriend and hi...

Women Intimidate Men

I’m All The Things You “Want”… Yet This Intimidates You?

Whenever I pour my relationship woes out to my male friends they always tell me I have problems meeting men and maintaining long-term relationships because I am intimidating. Ummmm, what the fuck is that supposed to mean?! What...


STOP Being A Dumb Bitch.

I’m so sick of hearing the same shit from the same people on a regular basis. If fucking with the same type of nigga is causing more strife than good, why bother?!?! Now, all this frustrations stems from the fact that all...


“Don’t Lie, You’ve Fucked Her.”

I got the most outrageous call from my boy today….

Relationship Problems? Ask His BFF…..Right?

Shortly after me and lil ex-bookie first started talking, I was introduced to his best friend and college roommate, A, who was visiting from Florida. Initially when I met him, my goal was simple: If I impress him, he will sice ...