Stop Whining!!!

Posted Mar 21, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles

I just cannot understand why at 7 am this morning I woke up to a text, from a grown ass man, asking me to do something for him. Of course, I never mind helping, but when I said no, he proceeded to tell me he was “mad at me” and then followed up with a “Ugh!!!! Whatever! Have a good day.”  I cannot, for the life of me, believe that I must spoon-feed someone in their thirties. We are all mature adults here and when you do not get what you want, there is no reason to pout and act utterly ridiculous. Are you really that much of a spoiled BRAT?! I have found that I sometimes like people enough to deal with those types of dramatics, but I’m sorry y’all, that shit has got to stop! I am very close to pressing the delete button, and when it asks me to “confirm delete”, I’m pressin’ YES!

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