Stop Requested: Rachet Bus Rider Gets The Business

Posted Oct 12, 2012 by Freshhh in #KeepItAHundred

What the hell has this world come to? Every rachet moment seems to be captured by a smartphone video camera these days, and this instance is no different. Today I woke up to this video in my inbox. Apparently this rachet ass bus rider decided to give the bus driver a piece of her mind… well that piece of mind was ill-recieved and given an uppercut in return. Ok, yes this shit is hilarioussssss, but where does the insanity stop? Other commuters simply stood back and observed, recorded, and siced this whole incident. I also don’t believe in a man hitting a woman, but in this case, let’s keep it a hundred… the woman was super out of line and got what was coming to her…if she didn’t want no trouble she should of shut her mouth and sat the hell down. Ten bucks says she changed her bus route the next day… and that the driver got sent directly to the unemployment line following his shift. Take a look below!


Sidenote: World Star Hip Hop is the devil… half the insanity we see these days is done just so someone can film it and post it on WSHH and claim some fame. Completely whack.

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