STOP Being A Dumb Bitch.

Posted Jan 17, 2012 by Freshhh in All Articles

I’m so sick of hearing the same shit from the same people on a regular basis. If fucking with the same type of nigga is causing more strife than good, why bother?!?! Now, all this frustrations stems from the fact that all of the females around me (and no NOT my friends… I’m talking about the other females I am forced to deal with) attempt to talk to athletes and end up bitching to me about it after shit doesn’t pan out.


If you meet an athlete in the club and exchange numbers, the first thing you must realize is you aren’t the first one he has booked in the club that evening. Stop feeling special. Second of all, you are not the one. Please understand that no man, especially an athlete, meets his wife in the club. The bitch he ends up marrying is the one who knew him before all the money came; he primarily uses the club girls as side pieces. So be prepared to fill that role or keep it moving.

This past weekend, due to the holiday, I had to deal with an increased level of groupie central while working my part-time job. Seeing what lengths some of these females will go to kills me. Going out of their way to try and scheme into some athlete’s peripheral in hopes of him noticing her…absurdity.  One of the girls I work with happened to have gotten Cam Newton’s number (along with a handful of other females). When she went to meet him for breakfast, turns out another one of our coworkers was already up inBaltimorewaiting forCamback at the hotel. Well, whenCamgot a call from shawty waiting in Bmore, he mentioned to her that he was with her co-worker. Apparently she wasn’t mad and instead proceeded to drive home…to Tyson’s Corner. FROM BALTIMORE.

Now first of all, let me take a second to laugh my ass off….. Ok. I’m done. Now, how you supposed to be driving an hour to meet someone and that nigga doesn’t even show up. Then when you call, he’s going to eat breakfast with another girl…your co-worker nonetheless?! Way to look fucking stupid *slow clap*.  My heart kind of goes out to her, but at least she had enough sense not to be mad…how could she be? What do you expect? It’s Cam Newton. This fool had bitches on his dick all night!!! Why even put yourself in that situation?! We won’t even begin to talk about how driving that far for dick is already beyond unacceptable… I don’t care who it is!

But seriously, stop being dumb bitches that get slutted out by these guys. It’s really not cute and when you fall for their antics, they label you as THAT girl. No one wants to be that girl because once the word has spread (and it will…all these athletes talk amongst themselves) that you’ve gone out of your way for some man you don’t even know, every other athlete will try to pull the same shit (and probably succeed).

As a quick piece of advice: If you’re going to continue catering to athletes (without commanding some sort of respect in return), please stop complaining to me about how they don’t treat you like you want…I’m sick of hearing you bitch and moan; the arrangement isn’t about you boo, its about him. Obvi.

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