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After this evening, I am convinced that my ex-flame has the mental capacity of a peanut. When he approached me today about letting him crash at my place before an early flight in the AM, I admit, I was skeptical. We had only been back in communication since I ran into him over the weekend, and before that it had been about a year of no contact. Anyway, I agreed to cook some dinner and let him stay in exchange for a case of Coronas (well….it sounded like a good deal when I made it). When he arrived, he was toting a beat up suitcase with his clothes hanging out of a hole in the side and was drenched in sweat. Ay yai yai, what shambled mess have I gotten myself into?! After complaining for an hour about when I was going to begin cooking, he laid on the opposite couch and we actually were able to kick it for a bit (in between his straining to see how much time was remaining on the microwave timer). It is funny how after all this time, we still have a lot in common and can make each other laugh. You know…come to think of it—the humor and laughs were never lacking in our old relationship, it was perhaps his failure to be serious that was the main hindrance for us. Needless to say, today wasn’t as awkward as I had thought it’d be. Granted, he leaves cabinets open, dirty dishes in the sink, lights on in every room, in addition to taking a nap IN HIS CLOTHES in my bed, those quirks annoy the hell out of me but those are the things about him that make him as unique as he is. He has a good heart and that’s what matters. Our little rendezvous was cut short by something he had to leave to attend to….PHEW *wipes sweat from eyebrow*…that was a close one…no babysitting for me tonight. Although I am lacking half a tray of baked ziti and increased my electric bill by 482287328 watts, I can honestly say that I enjoyed this little bit of catching up with him; there was a reason why we used to kick it so hard back in the day and I think those memories and today’s laughter were just what I needed after last night…ANNNNNNND having nearly a full case of Coronas left in my fridge is a pretty good bonus as well.

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