Six Sixes: Men, How Do You Measure Up?

Posted Dec 17, 2011 by Freshhh in For Men

Men: Have you ever wondered what kind of analysis women do on you when they initially meet you? Well, as you’re busy analyzing her tits and hips, she’s trying to assess more than that. According to, women have a new way of seeing how men measure up…they call is the Six Sixes :

Six Figure Salary– We all know money makes the world go ‘round. For women, money equals power and masculinity and when you have it, we can assume you not only enjoy the finer things in life, but you probably have the ability to take care of me and a family—that’s sexy!!

 Six Feet Tall– No chick wants a short man (even though sometimes we tolerate them …when they have money); women want to feel small and fit comfortably in her man’s nook. It’s a sense of protection when you can be enveloped in your man’s arms. Besides, nowadays, six feet ain’t even that tall anymore…it’s pretty average, so a lot of you can slide on this requirement.

At Least 600 Horsepower – Not that his car has to have this much power, but the point is that women don’t wanna date a man who 1) as no whip or 2) doesn’t drive a car equal to or better than hers.  Shawty wanna ride with her man… preferable in his car…and not be embarassd.

Six Pack–  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t want my man to be TOO overly swole and rock solid.. I def don’t mind a little belly to rub on, but don’t think you getting this pussy if you gotta lift fat rolls up off ya dick.

At Least Six Months Since the Last Relationship– It’s all about emotional availability, no one wants to be the rebound. Not only that, but if you are still involved in some other “situation” then it could end up being drama and stressful for us females. Pretty much, we want to know we have all of your attention…

At Least Six Inches Below The Belt– We can’t do shit with a small dick.

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    Yes and women will act as if they owe nothing in return

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