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While skimming through my Facebook news feed…I came across the following status written by one of my funniest male friends:

Just like every used car has to have a CARFAX, every used woman needs to have a HOEFAX…im not trying to figure out 6 months down the road that your jealous, crazy, used to be a stripper, technically still “married”, been in and out the mental hospital, and slept with my whole apartment building before you got with me….lets just nip it in the bud in the beginning and keep your HOEFAX on your hip at all times.

I literally read it, laughed to myself, then thought…. what a novel idea!! Could you imagine getting a printout on your current prospect that detailed their relationship/sex history, bad habits, and other potential red flags? Unfortunately, most people (male and female) are crazy, have done sketchy shit in the past, and fucked a few people they wish they could take back. But the idea is brilliant…and would definitely help you weed out them hoes…even though you’d probably still end up fuckin’ them anyway…don’t front.

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