“…She Think We A Couple Though.”

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Told Her I Love That P*ssy… She Think We A Couple Though

Well, it wouldn’t be a brand new day if we didn’t have a baby mama drama episode via tweetgram. This time it’s MMG rapper Meek Mill. Over the weekend, Meek posted this tweetgram referencing his baby mama, which I know caught a lot of groupies by surprise because I know they ain’t think he had a child (who doesn’t nowadays?). Meek then went on to say “My baby mom a true bum… I gave her 11k within 30 days…and she still had a nerve and call me about some papers!  #playersf-ckuptoo”.

Now let ME say something: Goodnight, Meek. Like many other rappers (and normal folks, alike) before you, you have impregnated a bum bitch *slow clap*… Not only did you impregnate her, but you walk around flashing all types of money, cars, and expensive lifestyles via twitter and Instagram on a daily basis. Now, there is no denying that you’re probably correct in referring to your baby moms as a bum bitch, but if I were her, I would be heckling your rich ass too. Truth be told, $11K ain’t shit compared to the $100K whips you driving around… better go ‘head and throw her a Ghost with an expensive ass baby seat in the back and call it a day. Oh, and wrap it up next time… we ain’t tryna see you dealing with this mess on a regular basis… with different women, nonetheless.

Spotted Over At NecoleBitchie

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