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Posted Jan 25, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles
Raise your glasses, cue the parade!!! I have plenty to celebrate today. What am I celebrating, you ask? GREAT SEX! As you may have noticed, I haven’t written much about my sexcapades lately and that’s primarily because I haven’t really been getting any…for many different reasons. First off, the current options aren’t exactly the greatest. Second, of those options, those that are worth it live out of town or travel too much (/as much as I do) for any consistent local fun.

Anyway, it seems like the only dick I have gotten in the new year has been “Ol Faithful” (as I call him). Of course he’s called that for a reason, and happens to be the only local that I fuck with because he is the only one WORTH fucking with. We have a great physical relationship and although I love him to death (as a friend), I know I wouldn’t ever want to date him. Knowing you wouldn’t date each other makes the physical shit to much better…and sans dramatics. I truly enjoy how comfortable we are with each other and the fact that we can laugh and joke around before, during, and after sex makes it a wonderful experience.

Enter the Newbie. For starters, I have always seen him around and always thought he was sexy; one of those men that you look at and think to yourself “I KNOW his dick game is on point”…he oozes sex. But anyway…. After several seasons of seeing him around, I finally met him, informally. We met in one of the most random ways, which created this mystery about him that made me even more curious about him…not to mention we had shared minimal words and a crazy passionate kiss, which were all he had to do to keep me thinking about what else he had to offer.

After two weeks of thinking about this guy whom, to be honest I do not know much about, (aside from the opinions of others) we finally got the opportunity to link up. I was about to go to bed (running off of ONE hour of sleep from the previous night) when he asked to come pick me up. Of course I was not going to let my sleepiness get in the way of what HAS to be a good time! As per my usual, I decided to smoke a little something to take the edge off…I was trying to calm down and not sice the situation JUST in case it was nothing like what I was expecting it to be…

When we got to his house, there was already a wonderfully large joint on deck being lit and I could only think to myself “So far so good….”…boy, was I ready!!! Well…after only have smoked about a third of the joint (talk about self-control….), it started with one of these mind-blowing kisses and it all snowballed from there. After a round on what seemed like the perfect couch to fuck on, he grabbed my hand and we went upstairs. Of course, I assumed we would wash up and he would take me home…well… I was wrong. Round 2? Or does this count as Round 1, Part 2? Either way, it happened to be even more intense than the couch romp and I couldn’t stop thinking about why I hadn’t met him sooner. When it was all said and done I was left satisfied and sleeping like a baby. Let me just say that not only has he topped Ol’ Faithful and basically anyone else I have ever had sex with, but he definitely knows what to do to keep a woman interested and satisFIED. I am personally a huge fan of a lot of kissing and skin on skin contact and he definitely provided that. I am also a fan of the infamous, yet all too infrequent, orgasm….and boy, did he provide several of those as well…. in just about every way you can imagine. What makes it even better is that he’s pretty fucking cool too; mellow, down to earth, quiet and relaxed. And now that I think about it, he still maintains his allure because he is still a huge mystery to me….and boy am I more curious now than ever before…

After the night I had, I had no qualms with being late to work this morning. Only ended up being 15 minutes late and I got more accomplished today than I have all week thus far. I surprisingly feel well-rested and my body feels completely energized; You’d think I’d be sore all over, not to mention exhausted, but I don’t feel an ounce of soreness…in fact, my pum pum has been doing the happy dance between my thighs all day, I love it.

Last night was exactly what I needed, and I encourage you all to get some good good as well. I promise it will do wonders for your physical well-being and mental state of mind. I look forward to seeing this particular guy again…and again….and again… hopefully sooner rather than later. I’ve been replaying it in my mind all day…Don’t know how long I will be able to go before I begin to start feening…..Good thing he hit me with the round 2 this morning before I left…

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