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I have come across some excellent articles for your reading pleasure. Please take some time to read the excerpts below and then enlighten yourself a bit by reading the full articles….

 “Is There Hope For Single Women Past 30?”

It’s kind of curious to see how so many women complain about men’s “extended adolescence” when so many of them put off marriage and children until the very last minute. For a woman, growing up has even more to do with marriage and childrearing than it does for a man. However, as usual, the blame for women’s extended period of screwing around in school, some corporate job or whatever they choose falls on “immature men.”

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 “Men: Why We Need To Stop Telling Women To Settle”

The problem with telling women they need to settle isn’t that they won’t listen.  The problem is that they will listen, or at least use this message as rationalization for wrecking an honest man’s life.  The problem occurs because women don’t think like men.  If you tell a man he has too high a sense of his own value in the dating/marriage marketplace, he is likely to be humbled by this.  Actually no one needs to tell the typical guy this because they tend to figure it out based on which women are and aren’t attracted to them.

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“A Tale of Two Skanks”

It’s one thing to read the articles and the anecdotes about wayward wives shared by other commenters. When it happens right in front of your eyes, however, it “hits home”, as they say. Both of my brothers-in-law just had their relationships simultaneously blow up in their faces, and finally had a glimpse of the true nature of women and a hint of how Western culture has ruined them. Despairing of being able to help them directly, the following question occurred to me: What, if anything, can be learned from their all-too-common experiences?

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“African American Men and Feminism: A Zero Sum Proposition At Best”

As I look at the journey to manhood for the African American male, I see it as a journey across a tightrope over the abyss. One wrong decision and you end up dead, incarcerated, or otherwise rendered unable to prosper in modernAmerica. Positive role models for our young men are far and few in between. Even with our nation’s first African American president in charge of the nation, we see him helpless against the slings and arrows of a racist political infrastructure and at the same time, a collaborator in the condemnation of males that is routine in American society. But seeing as he only has daughters, I would guess that President Obama has little stake in improving the lot of African American men or men in general.

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