Pseudo-Relationships, ey??

Posted Mar 24, 2010 by Freshhh in Dating

I LOVE THIS ARTICLE!!! I’m glad someone who is more articulate than me wrote an article on this exact topic. I feel like this article OOZES Jasmine (and I kinda like it!). I love my numerous little relationships. I think its extremely healthy to “date” around (mind you, the word “date” is not even what I would use to describe it). There is a lot you can learn from other people and making those connections is something I would encourage anyone to try. When “the one” comes along, you will know. Instantly. Until then, if you’re attracted to each other and can have a good time, why the hell not. Being sheltered until the PERFECT person (if he/she exists) comes along is, as I call it, WHACK!

Cut ‘Fake Relationships’ For Something Real

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