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Posted Aug 31, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles
*sigh of relief* FINALLY. My love life hit a little lucky streak these past couple of weeks. Naturally, we all throw our phone number out there from time to time and hope it’s well received and used properly. Recently, a couple of prospects (whom I gave my number to so long ago I almost forgot about them!) decided to use the number and reach out in hopes of nabbing a first date witcha girl. And although you’d assume this would be a breath of fresh air, the process can be kind of daunting.

I went from talking to no one to all of a sudden having three different men feenin’ for my attention. First I attempted to decipher which of these men would get the majority of my attention, and then who would be his back-up, and then the back-up’s back-up. After all, I only have but so many free hours in a week to allot to dating and getting to know each of these men; I wanted to make sure I was using this free time appropriately, dedicating the most time to the candidate with the most potential. I was starting to think I got myself in over my head when all three men appeared to be solid boo potentials for a pending cuff season… WHO would I choose? They were all saying and doing the right things. However, as time elapsed…mind you, only a matter of a week or two… I realized that men have a way of eliminating themselves without me having to even do much. It’s like a dating process of elimination.

Often times the initial sparks fizzle out and you realize the person you’re talking to is just as boring as those you ditched prior to them. All the excitement you get from playing the “getting-to-know-you” game soon falls to the shortcomings you can’t help but notice, no matter how small they might seem. Out of the three aforementioned men, only ONE is legit still in the running, and this is because the other two shot themselves in the foot.

For example, Boo #1 started blowing my phone up left and right; unanswered texts were not acceptable to him, he always wanted to “make sure I was ok” because I hadn’t hit him back… If I don’t respond, it’s for a reason. Texting me 414298421741 times in a row will get you a permanent NO RESPONSE. And while I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, just the thought of him sweating me and not leaving me alone irked the hell out of me.

Boo #2 is KINDA still in the running. While there are no MAJOR character flaws (I mean, not every man puts his napkin on his lap at dinner, right? -__-), we have now been on two dates (one to dinner and one to a movie) and on both occasions he showed up wearing a white tee (undershirt flow) with some basketball shorts. Ummmm…while I understand you had a long day of work and little league coaching, throwing on a pair of jeans wouldn’t kill you. Why wouldn’t you want to impress me on the first date, even in the slightest bit? The first time, I let it slide…but on the second date, I realized this is just his steeze. *shrug* I kind of like him, but he can have all dat. Not my steelo. Homie is a little too comfortable a little too early on in the relationship. Not tryna get styled for ya girl? Bitch. Boo. Bye. I wanna be impressed, especially when I’m deciding whether or not I want to continue seeing you.

While you might think I am making a mountain out of a mole hill, I believe that if things like this are enough to disinterest me already, then we really have no business trying to have a relationship; Lawd knows what else will rub me the wrong way. Failing random character tests (i.e. a man not walking on the curb side when walking with a female) are often times quietly noticed deal breakers for a lot of people; we all have our preferences. Fortunately, there is a silver lining to all of this… I no longer have to be worried about how I am going to juggle all of these new relationships.

Seems like only one guy is left standing…and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he follows suit and commits date suicide his damn self. What a shame.

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