G.A.M.E.S: Games Always Mean Extra Stress

GAME \ˈgām\ noun:  A competitive activity played by two or more persons according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators, decided by skill, strength, or luck Games, as fun and exhilara...

40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #34: Spite

Bad Habit #34: Spite I remember my first real experience with someone doing something out of spite against me. I had gotten into a fight with my boyfriend at the time, and out of spite he ended up leaving me at the airport the ...
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40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #29: Holding Grudges

Bad Habit #29: Holding Grudges No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.  The problem for most of us comes not in the mistake that was made, but instead in our choice of how we handle the situation at hand; we can choose...


40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #28: Spying on Your Partner

Bad Habit #28: Spying on Your Partner Imma tell you what I don’t like. People who are in relationships and are constantly worried about the wrong things… namely their partner’s activity on various social media outlets, em...


40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #27: Microwave Relationships

Bad Habit #27: Microwave Relationships Normally when cooking something, we can choose to cook it in either the oven or the microwave. Well, why is it that we know it’s better from the oven, yet there’s still something about...


40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #26: Too Much Focus On The Future

Bad Habit #26: Too Much Focus On The Future Everyday I sign onto Facebook and see that someone else is getting engaged, married, or having a child. While I am happy for them, I surely don’t envy them.  However, I do see othe...


40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #25: Staying In Stifling Relationships

Bad Habit #25: Staying in Stifling Relationships Too many times we see people who are obviously in relationships that are a hindrance to them. I once wrote about a relationship that I got out of before I got sucked into that li...