Nothing But Thankful

Posted Nov 24, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, despite all of the food and football, we all should take the time to truly reflect on what we are thankful for. Aside from….well, food and football… I am super thankful for another successful year of life. To have the support of my AMAZING mother, courageous best friend, and tons others makes be feel blessed and gives me the strength to continue blazing a path for myself that will lead me to fulfill my dreams. Everyday I think about how many wonderful people I am surrounded  by; all of you, usually without knowing, teach me so many new lessons on life and I am grateful for the continual growth you have contributed to. Even though there are always things we wish were different, today is about seeing the glass half full and being appreciative for all of the ups and downs we experience. Everything happens for a reason and you must always remember that even when things do not go your way, there is always a lesson learned…and that lesson might be the key to the next successful venture in your life. Welcome failure as you welcome success, and welcome the hate with the love. No matter what, just be thankful.

Get off your cell phones and social media for a few hours and eat some good food, watch football, and try to put up with your family and all of their opinions sitting together at one table. Just for today.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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