No, Fool. I Will Not Send You A Pic.

Posted Nov 22, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles

Let me keep this simple: Don’t ever ask me to send you a picture. If you’re a man that I’ve graciously given my phone number to, the one way for you to fuck it up would be to ask me for a pic.  Don’t get me wrong, have I sent pics before? Yes. Do I still send pics, sure. But let ME be the one to surprise you with something. I hate getting requests…and I hate it even more when these niggas get mad when I tell them no. Like, I JUST met you yesterday…fuck you need a pic for? You know what I look like, and if you forgot…well then go on ahead and delete this number, slim!

This one guy and I got into this little discussion yesterday, coincidently after he asked me to send him “some pics”. I told him I didn’t do that, and I hate when men ask me that. He told me he never heard a girl say that before…which surprised me because I know plenty of females who hate being asked that. He then followed that up by telling me that he didn’t mean they had to be naked of sexy pictures, but something “simple”. Ok…. First off, if you ask for a picture, you’re hoping to receive something sexy back. And 9 times out of 10 if you don’t, you’re salty and/or follow the “simple” pic up with a request for another pic that either shows more skin or is “from the back”. Y’all not slick.  Not to mention, I’m sure I’ not the only female that has gotten, on SEVERAL occasions, requests for pics of the pussy. How the FUCK y’all expect me to take a pic of that… I ain’t sittin down in front of no mirror and sure as hell not putting my iPhone between my legs to try and snap a picture, y’all trippin. If you ever see my pussy that up close, best believe you’ll be doing more than just looking at it.

In short, let me give some advice… Men: you need to let the girl want to send you pictures on her own free will. That way she doesn’t feel exploited or like you just want her for ass. And cardinal rule: don’t ask for a pic within the first week (especially a day removed) after getting her phone number. If she sends one on request, and it happens to be a “sexy pic”, well that girl is probably a hoe and sending sexy pics to every nigga in her phone on a regular basis. That pic wasn’t taken for you; ditch her. And Ladies: If you feeling good, looking good, take a picture and send it to your man! It will keep things fresh and keep him smiling! And don’t ever feel obligated, no matter who it is, to send a pic if you don’t want to. That’s how you get yourself in trouble…if you regret it before you send it, it will probably come back around to haunt you. Oh, and if you wanna show ya pussy, be a smart hoe… don’t show ya face at the same time.

I’m out.


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