N*gga, You ALWAYS Gon’ Wanna Smash Somebody Else….

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iTunes was on shuffle tonight and a track off Phonte’s album Charity Starts At Home came on. At the end of the track “Eternally”, comedian Affion Crockett spits the truth when it comes to men and their impure thoughts:

“The thing about relationships, that all men need to realize, ’cause I’ve had the problem too…of feeling guilty about this. The reality is men, we are always gonna wanna fuck other women. And a lotta times when you find a woman that is the woman of your dreams and you love her and she’s, she’s all you EVER wanted in a woman, you’re afraid to go forward with committing to her, and marrying her because you really feel BAD about wanting to smash other women. It don’t mean anything’s wrong with your girl; she’s still your great, find. But nigga, you ALWAYS gon’ wanna smash somebody else.”

Affion Crockett | From His Phone Skit At The End Of Phonte’s “Eternally”

Listen: Phonte- Eternally (feat. Median)

I love this monologue and agree with what he’s saying. I think it’s not only natural but also healthy for both men and women men in relationships to find other people, aside from their partner, attractive. Whether or not you act on that attraction is a whole ‘nother story, but we are only human and these feelings are normal. Although women fantasize about other men, I believe these urges are strongest in men. These feelings make it difficult for some men to commit to their woman because they don’t want to live with the guilt of being attracted to other people, in turn cheating on their woman…they’d just rather be single and have the sexual freedoms that come along with it. I think this is something we all have to embrace and just learn to work around it. My man can fantasize about fucking whomever he wants…as long as he’s not acting on it; I ain’t dealing with my man cheating talkin about “but it’s natural to be attracted to and want to fuck other people”…. Nah, fool. Not up in here!

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