New Year, New Beginnings.

Posted Jan 13, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles

Hello 2011! Barring any family drama or coal left in your stocking by Santa, I am hoping everyone enjoyed their holidays as much as I did. Getting to spend some down time at home with my family was just what I needed. As always, the holidays were excessively built up and extremely short-lived. However, it is a new year and that means we all have a chance to make resolutions we will attempt to keep…. At least until temptation battles us around the first of February….

Anyway, I have been doing well thus far, and I am proud of myself. I have gotten back in the gym daily like I use to, deleted my “egotistical conquest” (see post below) out of my address book, and have actually made valiant efforts towards some of the things I want to accomplish this year. Those things are just the beginning. Last year taught me a lot, and not necessarily through my own experiences, but more so through those of others. I saw a lot of people go through some ridiculous shit last year….and when I saw how they handled these situations, it killed me. Of course, I am not perfect, but I saw some people make fools of themselves and deal with such dramatics for no reason. I don’t want to be in that boat with those people…. It is all about whom you surround yourself with. If the people around you were on some other shit in 2010, they will probably be on the same shit in 2011, so don’t be surprised or get disappointed. Second chances are great, but are rarely fulfilling. Don’t forget I said that. Ill be doing the “I told you so” dance to many of you by March.

I am excited for the new year and can say that I kicked it off in the best way, which will hopefully be just the beginning of what’s to come throughout the next 12 months. Should be a lot of exciting things coming my way, and I am hoping they are more lucrative and less stressful than those of the past. Only time will tell…

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