New Music: Lola Monroe “Stay Schemin” Freestyle

Posted Jan 20, 2012 by Freshhh in All Articles

I can’t say that I am a fan, or even an avid listener, of Lola Monroe, but I have to keep it a hundred and give her credit…she def bodied a freestyle over Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin”!! I already love this song and the beat, and a female touch is always appreciated:

Now it’s just me and my nigga, I’m the Bonnie to his Clyde

And I ride for my nigga, oooh oooh

And all you snake ass, fake ass, hatin’ ass hoes was just waitin’ for a bitch to blow

Just to pinpoint my pivotal pinnacles from my pitfalls, I pity y’all

Y’all pitiful, I pity the fool that  pick y’all no question though

I be on that other shit, like fuck that hoe, I’m on a mission, jo

You would too, if you knew what this game would do to you

Check it out below:



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