MY Fault AGAIN?!…Surprise…

Posted Jun 9, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles

Last night I got into an argument with someone over something stupid. After this argument was over, I realized that for once I actually stood my ground and made my mind up based on ME and MY priorities. Often times I find I go out of my way, literally and figuratively, for other people and in most of those cases, I end up being inconvenienced.  Normally, I just take the L for those people I care about, but last night I finally stood up for myself and flat out said NO.  Of course, this person got pissed at me and then when I actually tried to renig my decision to help them out (I never like leaving my friends in a bind), they said no and walked away mad.  I def. felt bad, but then I thought to myself WHY?! That little series of events would have triggered into the next 48 hours of my life being an inconvenient mess that I just don’t have the patience or desire to deal with. I don’t ever think of myself and the one time I do, I get shit on for it.  Whats up with that?! You truly cannot make EVERYONE happy all of the time…and if only one person can be happy, why can’t that one person be me for a change?

Oh…and for the record…my decision to do me worked out…I am glad I did what I originally intended to do….everyone else will just have to get over it. : )

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