My Degree Ain’t In Programming, Beleedat!

Posted Jul 7, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles
One of my good female friends has about 10 years on me and with that comes a lot of experience. I consider her very smart, cultured, mature, and refined. With that being said, you’d think all of her friends would share in these similar characteristics. Well, the ones I have met do, and then there is another group of male friends that recently had an interesting opinion on a matter I am personally close to: age variances in dating.

This group of guys (in their mid 30s), who enjoy dating younger women (say, 20-25) explained to my friend (a strictly platonic female friend of theirs) that the reason they chose to date younger…A LOT younger… is because younger women provide them with the ability to PROGRAM them into the types of women they want; Mold them, if you will. A blank canvas. They claim older women (no offense shot at my girl, although she was disgusted at this statement) have their OWN opinions and consequently, too much baggage. This idea of “programming” females at first made me sick, but as I got to thinking, I have to admit that I agreed with their reasoning…..I just feel this is ridiculous and impossible to follow through with.

From the female perspective, I think the exact opposite. First off, females mature faster than men. So in my situation, I may be in my early 20s, but I am most certainly NOT as impressionable as many men would have hoped (Of course, I cannot say this for many other females in my age range, but that’s their problem). I absolutely have my own opinions and am pretty stubborn when it comes to the idea of men wanting to change me just to make THEIR lives easier. No way boo boo!!

Secondly, I thought to myself …. “Hmmmm…maybe dating younger men could be a good thing after all….” Ehhhhhhhh I don’t think so. I don’t think this “programming” principle works both ways. Just the THOUGHT of having to TRAIN a man is exhausting. These stubborn sonsabitches (*Bernie Mac voice*) are immature and a complete headache from the get-go. I don’t want to have to put in all that work… being with someone should be effortless, and the fact that older men DO have their own opinions and DO have the ability to make their own choices and are financially independent/stable is exactly why I want to date them. I don’t want to have to impose my own thoughts onto you…especially when it’s not an easy task. Besides, these young bucks out here think they got they shit going on already and don’t need changing…when the reality is they don’t have shit going on and they do need some type of training; what can you do for me that I can’t already do for myself, sir?! Money? I work. Laughter? Got friends. Dick? Got BOB. Anything else?? Precisely.

With this being said, I think this way of thinking is probably why my girl’s friends are single and have all this relationship drama in the first place. Of course dating a young, immature, no-thought-having female is going to be a headache for them and bring drama, what about this description would turn them on?? Who wants to deal with all of that? No man wants to have to work that much…not for a female; immense patience is involved, and is it really worth it? You’d think these men would want to date a female with all her ducks in a row, but I guess then she would probably be able to accurately point out all of their short-comings. Now we couldn’t have that, could we?

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