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I could trade in 30 and snowing for 83 and sunny any day. This week’s quick trip down to Miami was incredible. Traveling for the first time with a new female friend of mine, she had us staying with 2 of her friends in an amazing 41st floor condo in downtown Miami with views that’d Id kill for (see the video below); taking a morning piss to this view was the highlight of my mornings and the perfect way to start my day.

We spent our days sleeping in the sun on the beach, drinking, and puffing on a wonderful selection of “Blue Dream”. Our evenings were filled with delicious dinners, great conversations, even better drinks, and some dancing. Sometimes a relaxing long weekend away is just what the doctor ordered. It felt so good to be in the sun, topless nonetheless, and not having to worry about a single thing except for making sure our tans were even.

I was glad that my first vacation with this friend went well. It is hard to travel with people, especially when you haven’t known them for very long. We definitely enjoyed ourselves, and it was a big change from traveling alone, which both of us tend to do more often than not.

I also got to see a couple of friends from home that were down there either living or vacationing as well. I enjoyed a delicious lunch and a few drinks at Fontainebleau on Saturday with a good friend of mine and the light-hearted conversation was just what I needed. It was good to talk to someone and laugh and enjoy myself…not to mention all while enjoying the sunshine and ocean breeze.

Definitely a much needed trip. I needed to get out of the snow and get a tan as well as get away from the stress and drama that is life here in DC. Not to mention that the condo we stayed in has inspired me to grind a little harder so I can get one of those for myself one day; it will be nice to stay in my own lap of luxury when I take my trips to Miami!!

Can’t wait to get back!

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