Men Do It For… The Men, They Always Notice.

Posted Dec 14, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles

“You Ain’t Do It For The Men, Men Never Notice… You Just Do It For Yourself, You The Fucking Coldest”

Drake might have hit the nail on the head (or been pretty close) when he made this statement about women in his song Fancy, but it apparently it doesn’t ring true for men. Last night, I found out just how serious men feel the competition is between them and their male peers. If there’s one thing a nigga hate it’s to be upstaged by another nigga!

That can be the only explanation for these fools having the nerve to be in club on a mutha fuckin’ TUESDAY tryna show the fuck out and ordering bottles at 1:45am (mind you, the club closes at 2am). The simple fact that you’d waste someone’s rent money on liquor (that will most likely end up down a drain) at that hour is ridiculous…especially because you’re a lame that hasn’t attracted one girl all evening, so you obviously ain’t doin’ it for them…you’re clearly doing it to top the fool next to you who trumped your bottle total at 1:35am. Boy, bye.

Now, I know (since I am one…) some females do a majority of their primping in attempts to outshine other females (fuck what Drake says), but I think men are far worse. Why? Because they stay in constant competition with other men for attention, money, and pussy. Men always want to be THAT nigga that has it all, and if the man next to them is ahead of them in the race for that, they feel obligated to speed it up and be the first to cross the finish line. While some females do go out of their way to outshine other females for male attention, they don’t have to be as competitive since they already own a legitimate competitive advantage: pussy power.

Men: you won’t ever have the advantage with females, so I don’t blame you for relinquishing that battle and choosing to just compete with other niggas. However, it would probably bode well for you to just do it for you. Confidence in a man is one of the sexiest traits and females can smell it a mile away; best believe, certain things blatantly prove you lack this trait. Bottle competitions at the club only bring you attention because people want free drinks, obviously. And, where some women fall for that, all of us smart women (you know, the ones you’re trying to cuff in the long run) know that a lot of times, the richest/most successful man in the room is standing at the bar… alone.

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    LMAO….you made some valid ass points but you funny as hell for putting them niggas on blast!

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