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Posted Dec 22, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles

Welp. Dez Bryant (WR for the Cowboys) isn’t as much of a fuck up as we originally assumed him to be. By wearing this t-shirt, he not only points fingers at the obvious, but he also gives Nike another means to use players shortcomings for profit, in turn increasing his cash flow as well. Not a bad idea, guess they are both winning. What would REALLY be winning is if I could get my hands on a couple of these for some of the men in my life… cause some of them are telented but LAZY AS FUCK. Losers.

Lazy But Telented

Oh. And for those aforementioned losers… leave your size in the comment section. Merry Christmas, fuckers.

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    That is hilarious!!!!!! Too bad its true, if not he would actually be a better than average WR in the league.

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