Ladies Who ‘Can’t Orgasm’ Need A New Excuse

Posted Jan 31, 2012 by Freshhh in Sex

Sex can be a wonderful thing…intimately sharing yourself with someone you care about (and if this isn’t true, you’re fucking incorrectly). But what’s the point of this whole thing if there’s no orgasm in it for you? Personally, I can count on ONE hand the amount of men who have been good enough to give me that powerful “O”, and rarely from just sex alone. I realized that although they were primarily at fault ‘cause their dick game was indeed whack, I was partially to blame as well. Until a couple of years ago, I wasn’t fully aware of what exactly it was I needed to do during sex in order for me to push it to the limit.

Once I bought my first toy and began to explore my body, I started incorporating what I had learned about myself into my sexcapades and although it heightened my pleasure, something was still lacking. After all, there is only so much I can do… I discovered the men I was sleeping with really were as weak as I thought…and I subsequently stopped fucking them. What’s the point? But that’s a whole ‘nother story…

I say all of this because I have heard so many women, including myself, express infinite much frustration in the fact that they just can’t orgasm. This is bullshit, of course you can. Buy a vibrator and just let it sit on top of your clit for 2 minutes, no penetration necessary. You should orgasm…several times. It’s really not as difficult as it may seem. That’s what it should feel like every single time your man gives it to you… and if it doesn’t, you need to enter into an exclusive relationship with BOB (battery operated boyfriend) ASAP. With that being said, I stumbled across this article the other day which discusses how stimulating the clitoris from different angles can cause that mind blowing orgasm many of you have been missing. Keep trying new things and switching it up and hopefully you’ll be in orgasm heaven.

There is simply no excuse for not being able to orgasm. Our bodies are made for it!

Ladies: Check out the article… and also some of the Best Sex Toys For Women. I promise any of these will make a great addition to your intimate life….

Oh… and get your man one of these …. You’ll thank me later…



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    I agree at some point it’s kinda on you to get yourself off. The better you know your body the easier it will be.

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