It’s Not About What You Know…It’s About WHO You… FUCK…?

Posted May 25, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles
A spin on an old saying, I have found the title of this entry to be more than just my new mantra. Ok, OK…I know what you’re thinking… “Is this bitch just fucking people to get to the top?!”…Well, as always… You’re wrong.  Indulge me for a minute and allow me to explain.

Last week I had a wonderful afternoon rendezvous with my favorite local booty call. Not only was the sex better than I imagined it from the previous time, I found that this time the post-sexcapade conversation was exactly what I needed the most (well…after the pipe cleaning, that is). Naked, sweating, and physically exhausted, I laid next to him as he caught his breath and returned some phone calls he had missed while we were pre-occupied with each other. Usually I am too out of it to care about who he’s calling and what he’s talking about, but this time I found what he was discussing particularly relevant to some things I had been thinking about lately.

Now let me first say that I am not nosey or eaves dropping on his phone calls. But the fact that we are basically laying on top of each other as he places these calls makes it kind of hard not to pick up some bits and pieces of the conversation. Anyway, he was talking to someone who is a bit younger than him and new to the industry he works in. He proceeded to give some pretty great advice about how he needed to “debo space for himself” and surround himself with the right kind of management, etc if he wanted to make a name for himself in this business. As I lay there, I found myself listening and trying to relate this advice to my own personal situation, and whaddaya know?! It sort of fit. Granted different industries and end goals, I realized that a lot of the tips he was telling his little prodigy were exactly the kinds of beneficial things I needed to know for my own ambitions.

As I thought about it further, I realized something…. All joking and hoe judgment aside, I really do fuck the coolest guys. I began thinking about all of the bedtime conversations I have had over the past year or so..…Its incredible: I am constantly learning things and getting new insights just by observing or listening.  These tools have helped me to better myself, and I have drawn on seeing/hearing his interaction with people other than myself. I really should start paying better attention to my fuck buddies….well, maybe not ALL of them (some really do only serve ONE purpose -__-)…who knows what kinds of things I can pull away from them. Of course, this particular relationship works best as strictly sex, but I feel like I should take advantage of the fact that I can truly gain more from him than just a good romp every couple of weeks.

It’s like getting 2 for the price of 1, and boy am I a sucker for a deal!!

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