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Robin Thicke & Paula Patton

See. Love does exist. It warms my heart to read about Robin Thicke and his gorgeous (!!!!) wife Paula Patton. Besides the fact that they are such a great looking couple (y’all know I’m all about the interracial AND I love a white boy from time to time), they have been together for almost two decades and make it clear they still only have eyes for each other.  I was reading an excerpt from this Essence interview with Robin Thicke and he states

I like to try to get her into double-digit orgasms as much as possible. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when I’ve got my mojo and my swag, it happens. Every few months it’s just like bam — repeated. Repeated! I like her to just be going crazy in the bedroom.

And you know what? That’s how it should be. You always know a man is both mature and experienced if he pays the proper attention to his lady in the bedroom….and if it happens…a double-digit amount of times….then he clearly has some heart for her too. I’m sure the incredible sex is only the beginning for this couple…why? Because couples with the best physical connections (aka both sides are thoroughly pleased) almost always have the closest emotional bonds as well. Don’t forget that.

Excerpt spotted over at Necole Bitchie.

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