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Posted Jul 8, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles
The other night, as sick as I was, I accepted an invitation to the opening of a new pizza spot on Capitol Hill by a good friend of mine whose brother, Mike, is one of the three owners (Mike, Spike, B).  These three guys happen to own a burger spot (one of the best places in DC, or so I have heard) right next door to the new establishment, and appear to be taking over the block.  The private event featured many familiar faces due to the fact that one of the owners, Spike, used to be on the show Top Chef and the three of them collectively used to cook for Le Cirque (if you know your shit, you will know that this is one of the BEST restaurants in New York City, and world renowned).  Annnnyway, I took the opportunity to expand my horizons and be introduced to new places to eat (shocked I haven’t ever been to their burger establishment considering I am a carnivore!!).  It’s funny, because for someone who LOVES to eat (my favorite pastime) and has been living in DC for 5+ years, I realized that I frequent the same places all the time!!! I have not been to ANY of the real “gems” of the city, and I need to change that ASAP!!

While at this opening, I got the opportunity to meet a lot of great and distinguished people, eat some good pizza, drink a helluva lotta Peroni (Italian beer), and just relax and enjoy my surroundings.  It really was nice to do something NEW for a change.  But as I left this event, I got to thinking….WHY DON’T I DO THESE THINGS MORE OFTEN?!?!?!

For starters, doing things like this alone SUCKS… I realized that I don’t really have any close friends or boy-toy to do these types of things with…although I am not afraid to do things by myself, I would like a companion to share and experience new things with me.  It is always fun to learn about new things with someone else….it really helps your bond.  Secondly, I realized that I work SOOOOO much and when I DO have a little down time, I am either asleep at home (alllll day in most cases) or out of town…kinda makes it hard to see DC when I’m in New York!

Moral of the story is, I WANNA DO MORE!!! I wanna see more, eat more, travel more, explore more, and just have more fun!!! Life is for living, and boy do I have a lotta that to do!  Below is a picture I took of a spray painting done in the back of the kitchen (not even visible to the public) of the owners and some DC type ish—-what talent!!! Can’t wait to own a home one day and collect some FIYA artwork….gotta keep dreaming… THE DREAM IS REAL!

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