I’m An Asshole. With Money. Is That Cool?

Posted Oct 28, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles
“It’s almost like in order to be successful financially you’re required to be one of the worst human beings on earth?”

I read this tweet today from a friend of mine and it got me thinking…DAMN. Most of the people I know that have money ARE selfish, boring, lack credible life/mind altering experiences, and/or are just plain RUDE.

This is pretty crazy. I think somewhere along the road there was a crazy transition…wealth/prosperity used to equal intelligence, success, hard-work, mentorship. It has now transcended to ridiculous fame (for doing dumb shit i.e. Kat Stacks), selling yourself out, or playing a sport. Wonderful. Where does that leave those of us with goals, dreams, drive, real smarts and hard work? Its sad when we have to see (and our children have to look up) to these “examples” of people who are really, by all means, shitty people yet have all of this money. What does that say? Does the good guy always finish last…?

Usually. Quite the sad reality, if you ask me. Getting to the top, financially at least, becomes more about yourself and what you can do to beat out others versus teaming up with others to better yourselves and the world while also making advancements financially. Yea, you share the pie, but always want the biggest slice. Today’s reality pretty much sucks. I hate to appear to be pessimistic, but it’s really me being more realistic. Look around you.

This all leads to the idea of happiness and how most of these wealthy people really aren’t happy, making them some of the worst human beings. Ok, yes. They are happy with the material items, but at the end of the day they are miserable people (for what reason, I guess I’ll never know) or just too got damn bougie to realize that most people DO hate them and think terrible things about them. How can you go through life this way? Money is definitely not happiness and I refuse to think of it as an alternative. Of course, as Kanye said “Money’s not everything. Not having it, is”….but I think a lot of lessons can be learned from the struggle and the fact that your personal quality declines the more your pockets increase makes me wonder why we fight and kill for this life. Granted, we all want to live comfortably. But at what price?

I find that some of my favorite people in the world are regular, middle income, working-class people. They know the struggle, appreciate what they have, and have matured to be such honorable people. They remain a pure joy to be around and don’t apply any pressure onto you to have to be rich and successful… because you know what? They themselves aren’t. They don’t hold you to anything more than what you hold yourself. And will appreciate you for who you are no matter what.

My experiences dating people with any bit of fame, popularity, or money has also been disgusting. Most of the men felt like I OWED them something just because they are who they are and have what they have. EXCUSE ME? I can more than support myself. And although more financial stability is always desired, and of course a goal of mine, I refuse to not hold someone up to the same personal standards as I do for everyone else just because they have some money. Guys get upset when I turn down an invite to “chill”, but you know what, homie? YOU’RE WACK! YOU’RE BORING! YOUR EGO IS ABSURD! I AM NOT INTERSTED.  I just want you to be normal and fun and not worried that everyone is out to get you for your money (*yawn* I’m so over this excuse being used; Get over yourself). Money ain’t happiness, and sure as hell doesn’t make up for your excuse of a personality.

With that being said, I will end with this. Another friend of mine (who happens to be an athlete with a little bread) tweeted “Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them” …. I read this and I laughed. What kind of world are you living in?? Prosperity makes friends? Yea. Fake ones. Isn’t it really the exact opposite? Doesn’t adversity in life make friends (the REAL, LOYAL kind)? And doesn’t prosperity always try those bonds? Just a thought…

Anyway. The moral of the story is: Stay true to yourself. Never forget where you came from. And never succumb to the dreams they try to sell you. Money isn’t happiness and it won’t solve your problems…at least not the problems that matter…

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