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It seems to be the season for scandals. First the hoopla surrounding Sandusky and my beloved Joe Pa at Penn State and now this; Syracuse Associate Head Men’s Basketball Coach Bernie Fine accused of molesting three young boys several years ago. Before I continue, I want you to momentarily disregard (as hard as that may be) the allegations against Fine and take a look/listen to the video below:

Bernie Fine’s Wife Talks

The above video surrounds Bobby Davis, who has publicly accused Bernie Fine of years of molestation that Davis said started when he was in the seventh grade. In this particular ESPN video, it is discusses how Davis legally recorded his Oct. 8, 2002, phone call to Bernie Fine’s wife, Laurie, whom allegedly knew about her husband’s actions and potential mental issues.

First, let me say that all of these molestation scandals DISGUST me! These grown, authority-hungry, mentally diseased men have ruined many lives, including those who they molested, their own families, and their respective institutions. However, for the purposes of this blog, I have to switch gears just a little bit…

What the fuck is Bernie Fine’s wife doing here? Talking to one of your husband’s victims? Admitting that you believe your husband has a problem? I can’t. What kind of matrimony is this!? From the unknowingly taped phone call, it seems Laurie Fine has recognized that her marriage has its issues, while simultaneously accepting that her husband had to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to not only see your marriage failing, but to have to accept that your husband is engaging in illegal acts with minors, one of which you yourself slept with while he was residing in your household.

But where is the loyalty?! Not that I would condone his behavior, but if boys were approaching me with these types of allegations against my husband, I definitely wouldn’t be speaking about it (for obvious reasons that now she probably regrets) whether it be on the phone or in person…especially not to one of the victims. I think problems arise in the Fine situation because this couple was obviously unhappily married. Mrs. Fine sounds like a lot of the things she is saying come from her being bitter that her husband found inadequacies in her as a wife, which I understand, but that’s still your husband. If you are going to find out about these allegations and continue to be married to this man, then you need to reevaluate how you handle the entire situation.

Loyalty is something that is taken for granted these days. Bernie is definitely at fault, but what a shitty feeling to know you don’t even have your spouse in your corner; especially this woman, who was probably only ride or die when it was convenient for her (Big East tickets and shit). Absurd…but I guess I too would find it hard to be loyal to a man who cheated on me with a 12 year old….boy.

I’m curious to see how this whole thing plays out…. Spousal privilege can be a motha fucka in court, but the taping of this phone conversation is apparently legal, so we shall see…

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