I Need A Starting 5 Like Phil Jack…

Posted Jun 30, 2010 by Freshhh in Dating
So my starting 5 are dwindling down and the bench is rusty (and on the verge of non existent)….what the fuck am I going to do??? I feel like a team that put so much money into the contracts of 5 all star players and now they are all injured. Ay yai yai.. Let’s examine, shall we….
  1. Point Guard: The guy that once impressed me off the jump (and at the top of my list)….what happened to him? I wish I could tell you…haven’t talked to him in so long the spark has died. Assume he is just too busy for anything at the moment (or has someone else…OR I completely misread him…either of which is valid at this point), and while I’m not against a man on a mission (in fact, his drive is one of the sexiest things about him), I just want a lil love every now and then (don’t wanna inconvenience him…just want him to want me around). Is that too much to ask? We coulda been one helluva team, that I do know for a fact. Tried to let my guard down, and it completely failed. Damn….he was cute too.
  2. Power Forward: My future husband….no really, he needs to be. HA. Cannot lie, initially met this dude and we hit it off….He came at me different then most men, considering who he is. Small town boy, sweet smile, good heart, ridiculous work ethic.  However, now….his ego now needs to be checked…with the quickness!! He really lost sight of the good thing we could have had and has begun to get caught up in all the hoopla surrounding him (particularly the females that come around)…I don’t like having to fight everyone for his time, especially when I am the only one fighting for us. It’s funny how people can change so quickly, within months even, once they come up…for this reason, I hate dating athletes… I want that old thang back…
  3. Small Forward: My young buck…. While I wasn’t initially too keen on the idea of talking to someone younger than me (by about a year), I decided to give this youngin a try…weeeeeellllllll, I’ve decided that I’m good on that. I feel like I am talking to my 10 year old cousin…he’s just mentally not there yet…still a sweetheart and cute as a button…buuuuut Imma have to say NEXT…It’s just not enough for me… I need someone who’s a little more firm in where they are going, who they are, and what they want. Need a MAN…someone who just knows how to treat me well and stimulate my mind and body.
  4. Shooting Guard: Ahhhh…one of my favorites….the one whose personality is great, makes me laugh, cute as all hell, head game is CORRECT….BUUUUUUT the sex itself was terrible. I mean, not that sex is everything, but it is definitely a deal breaker… I find myself trying to maintain some level of emotional/mental something because I do like him as a person, but at the end of the day, when I need to get it, I NEED it to be on point. I cannot imagine myself  being in love with this man and him not knowing how to turn it on in the bedroom…suuuuucks.
  5. Center: This position varies…but the options that I have to play this role aren’t doing the job right… no rebounds, no result producing actions down low in the box….

So what do I do?? I really hate to settle, but right now I am just not feeling it. I hate having to completely wipe everyone out and start over, but there probably isn’t any other option at this point. It sucks when all of them have so much potential, but I can’t force something… gotta go with the flow.

HOWEVER (the bright side)…..there have been a few “surprises”….I have had a few contenders trying to work out for my team in hopes of getting in via trade. I have one in the works that I have always just randomly bumped into (4 times in 3 different cities over the course of 2 years)…I last saw him in Miami a few weeks ago, of course we proceeded to exchange numbers, and recently he has been very “I miss you, come see me”…late night phone calls and random texts…I don’t know how I feel about all the mushy shit right out of the gate (although with the right person…at the right time… I love that mushy business). I never know if I should believe it…how can you possibly miss someone you barely know?? When I asked him where all these emotions came from, he replied that he has always seen me and liked me and thinks there must be a reason we keep crossing paths at the most random times. I DO agree with this….even though I am a little skeptical (aka..I am sure he’s just trying to fuck *yawn* typical…I’m so over there… I NEED MORE), maybe there is a reason for everything and I should give it a try….oh wait… he lives kind of far and I would never get to see him…not to mention he lives in one of those places that is unexotic and very difficult to get to….ehhhhh, and just like that…. I am already uninterested…I need a local boo…or at least one that travels a lot and wants me tagging along : )

I am at the point in my life (at least for the time being) that I think it would be nice to slow down a little bit and have someone around to enjoy things with… As much as hanging out and vacationing with your friends is fun, it can be so much more fun with a special someone…especially with someone you get good vibes from and would love to get to know.  As busy as I am, I am willing to just take a step back for a minute…or at least lose sleep to make room in my schedule for someone…but everyone is just so busy…I guess if you want to make time, you will…if they don’t want to do that, I have no choice but to just keep doing me until someone comes a long that is as equally interested in me as I am in them (or at least want to include me because I have a lot to offer….and I DO)…For now, I will have to just take the little bits and pieces from my few options and just roll with it…..after all, you can’t watch water boil…all good things come to those who wait!

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