I Don’t Owe You Shit, Homie.

Posted Dec 19, 2011 by Freshhh in Dating

So this weekend was hilarious. And when I say hilarious, I say it wit the utmost sarcasm. Now, I haven’t really talked to anyone (or taken any man serious, for that matter) since what’s his face, but I still remain super open to meeting new people. The only problem is the fact that DC is so ridiculously small and everyone knows everyone else. With that being said, the odds of me meeting someone who doesn’t know youknowwho are slim to none. While I wouldn’t intentionally attempt to date someone he knows, I have to realize that it will probably happen. As bad as I thought I felt about this, I really don’t feel bad at all when I think about it.

I don’t owe him shit. I don’t even owe him the courtesy of blocking my own happiness because it might be with someone he may know…fuuuuck that. He sure as hell wouldn’t think about my feelings if he met a female he liked that I happened to know. Let me make this clear for all of you: If you don’t want someone, you can’t make comments or be pissed when they end up with someone else who does want them. Point, blank, period. REGARDLESS of if you know the person they are now talking to or not.

I’m so sick of trying to do the morally right thing by telling these people I can’t talk to them because they may have some ties to a man who never gave a fuck about me in the first place. Why am I being so nice? Gooood question. Y’all obviously know I wouldn’t break into the inner circle of friends because I do NOT smash the homies, but that nigga ain’t getting any more bones thrown at him from me. I’ve been courteous enough to let him know some people in his group of acquaintances have tried to get at me (which was very nice of me) and if he’s gonna be mad at it, he should have fucking stepped his game up in the first place. You snooze, you lose!!!

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