Helmet Syndrome??

Posted Oct 10, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles

Baller Alert: Helmet Syndrome?

I have recently been surfing all kinds of new websites and I must admit Baller Alert has been one that I find very fascinating.  This website is a haven for groupies that write stories about their one-nighters with athletes and are legit proud of these activities. Defending why you are NOT a hoe and simply a groupie that likes athletes and expensive gifts is pretty appauling, but some of the articles are kind of interesting; this one in particular (click the link above).  This blogger discusses something called “Helmet Syndrome” and goes into the top 10 ways you know if an athlete suffers from this.  The idea is that some athletes do not believe they will be recognized as a “somebody” so they try to drop hints and say things to gain appreciation and respect as athletes…oh, and also the attention of these women, aka groupies, that they CLAIM they dislike?….hmmmm, peep the top 10 and see what you think. I have come across plenty who have exhibited these characteristics. Its even more funny when you already know who they (and their teammates are) and they just look silly dropping “hints”. SMH. Either you want to be in the spotlight or you don’t…make up your mind!

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