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Posted Feb 16, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles
Valentine’s Day. February 14th is supposed to be THEE most romantic day of the year. Of course it can be debated that if you truly love someone you should show them EVERYday, but the idea of having a day focused on your sweetie can be pretty cute. I have never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day (or any holiday for that matter)…and I find that a lot of guys tend to strategically break-up with their loved one around this time to avoid any expensive gifts or dinner.

Which brings me to the reason why I decided to write this. I was blog surfing at work yesterday (like I’d actually do work at work, as if) and came across a blog post about Floyd Mayweather. The post was a twitpic of a receipt Floyd had from his Valentine’s Day purchase for his gorgeous “model” girlfriend. Of course we all know he has an excess of funds, but I was appalled that he spent $50,000+ on gifts at Louis Vuitton for this woman. After I picked my jaw up off of the floor, the first thing I thought was “WOW, that’s a good chunk of my salary”….second thing I thought was “I’m jealous, I’m sure she got some prettttty nice things for THAT much”…then I thought about it again and realized that these gifts were only purchased because he wasn’t able to spend the day with her.

Now let me be the first one to admit that gifts ARE nice… especially when given from the heart, no ridiculous spending amount necessary. However, is that REALLY better than the quality time or something more personal? Floyd couldn’t be with his girlfriend so these gifts were supposed to make up for it. Understandable….and I’m sure she’s not complaining…I guess if you’re going to be alone and crying on V-Day, you might as well have a $7,000 purse to pull your Kleenex out of.

I just feel like gifts as replacements for quality time kind of suck.  I guess at that point, you take the gifts and just deal with it. But what if you really wanted to spend some quality time? Does he just make up for it later on? Pretty whack, but I guess it IS just Valentine’s Day…another day on the calendar….and I’m sure shawty will see him eventually. Fuck it. I suppose me spending Valentines Day alone with NO gifts from anyone is worse than not having your man around for the day. Love is so misconstrued these days though. Why can’t it all be so simple?! Fuck the gifts and bullshit, just love me. I’m more than satisfied with that….It’s the best gift you can give me anyway….and it won’t ever cost you fifty stacks.

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